Department of Physics
Solid State Physics Division

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Research in the SSP-Division is mainly focused on the study of novel materials (metals, semiconductors, insulators, magnetic materials, solidified/stabilized waste) and devices. A detailed description of the research activities on materials growth, processing, characterization, modeling and simulation can be found in the following links:

  • Study of materials microsctructure with Electron Microscopy

  • Spectroscopic Studies

    • FTIR and UV/VIS spectroscopy

    • Raman, IR, and absorption Spectroscopy

    • Synchrotron based-Absorption Spectroscopies (high resolution EXAFS, XANES/NEXAFS, - EXAFS, -XANES/NEXAFS, XRF)

    • Ellipsometry

  • Electronic properties and Devices

    • AC electrical characterization of materials measurements and devices

    • Ionic conductivity-Li ion solid state batteries

    • Electrical Characterization and design of Micro- and Nano- Electronic Devices (MiNED)

    • Electrical Characterization of Materials and Models

  • Optics - Optical Signal Processing

  • Theoretical Solid State Physics

    • Theoretical Solid State Physics

    • Versatility and Complex systems in Physics

    • Atomistic modeling  and simulation of quantum dots and wires

  • Growth and Study of thin films and nanomaterials (LTFN)

  • Magnetic materials: Growth and Study of Physical Properties

  • Thermal Analysis of Materials

  • Didactics in Physics and Educational Technology

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