Department of Physics
Solid State Physics Division



Research in the SSP-Division is mainly focused on the study of novel materials (metals, semiconductors, insulators, magnetic materials, solidified/stabilized waste) and devices. 


Materials are grown, processed and characterized using a variety of characterization techniques which include:

  • Electron microscopy (transmission, high resolution, scanning, AFM),

  • Spectroscopy using conventional excitation sources and synchrotron radiation (FTIR, Raman, Ellipsometry, EXAFS, XANES etc),

  • Electrical characterization of materials & devices

  • Thermal properties

  • Optics and optical information processing

  • Solid State Theory & simulations

 In addition to that there is a group that studies Didactics of Physics.


A detailed description of the research activities can be found in the department's web page


The offices, teaching and research laboratories are located in the main building (basement, ground floor, 2nd floor) as well as in the “Glass” building at the North-West corner of the Campus.