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Research - PhD theses

In this page the awarded Phd degrees  under supervision of Solid State staff members are presented in a yearly basis:

PhD Theses 2010

1.   Transfer and exploitation mechanisms of nanotechnology research results from academic and research institutions           

      M. Chachamidou        Supervisor: S. Logothetidis


2.   Development of a nanocrystalline Si transistor model in  a SPICE simulation program-Design of TFT circuitry

     E. Papas   Supervisor: Ch. Dimitriadis


3.  Optical and thermodynamic properties of chalcogenite glass and crystalline materials

     Th. Kasapis     Supervisor: K. M. Paraskevopoulos


4.  On the effect of nitrogen on the electrical properties of devices 

     N. Kelaidis      Supervisor: Ch. Dimitriadis



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PhD Theses 2009

1.  Characterization and transistor models of low temperature, thin film, industrially produced nano- and polycrystalline Si.       

     A. Chatzopoulos                Supervisor:  Ch. Dimitriadis


2.  Study of the structural properties of 3C-SiC on Si substrates           

     A. Andreadou                Supervisor: E. Polyhroniadis


3.   Mechanical properties of nano-dimensional materials: Experimental study and analysis with computational mechanics methods    

      I. Zygatinidis                Supervisor: S. Logothetidis


4.  Study of the effect of nanostructure on the electrical and magnetic properties of Ni- Zn ferrites    

     D. Sakellari                Supervisor: E. Polyhroniadis


5.  Growth/Development and study of blood-compatible and microbial materials        

     S. Louisinian                Supervisor: S. Logothetidis


6.   Growth and study of sinlge- and multi-layered nanostructured coatings

      N. Kalfagianis                Supervisor: S. Logothetidis


7.   Statistical mechanics of complicated systems and networks 

      A. Garas                Supervisor: P. Argyrakis


8.   Anomalous diffusion in materials studied with simulation methods

      M. Maragakis                Supervisor: P. Argyrakis


9.  Characterization and model development of MOSFET transistors with multiple nanodimentional gates.  

     A. Tsorbatzoglou                Supervisor: Ch. Dimitriadis


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PhD Theses 2008

1.   Study of the structural properties of 3C-SiC for applications in microelectronic devices    

     A. Mantzari        Supervisor: E. Polyhroniadis


2.  Characterization of a non-linear oscillator for the production of chaotic signals      

    S. Stavrinidis        Supervisor: A. Anagnostopoulos


3.   Fabrication and investigation of modified materials, suitable for dental fixed prosthetic restorations, with possibilities of growth of complex biological structures.       

     X. Chatzistavrou        Supervisor: K. M. Paraskevopoulos


4.  Growth and study of Li glassy electrolytes for solid state batteries

     Ε. Chropanitis        Supervisor: L. Papadimitriou


5.  Materials study and analysis for optoelectronics.  Construction of prototypes and visualization    

     N. Skoulidis        Supervisor: Ch. Polatoglou


6.  Structural properties of stabilized solid wastes      

     E. Tsilika        Supervisor: Th. Karakostas

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PhD Theses 2007

1.    Nanostructures and interphases of organic and inorganic materials and processes

       Ch. Gravalidis        Supervisor: S. Logothetidis


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PhD Theses 2006

1.   Si nanoelectronic devices       

      S. Koliopoulou        Supervisor: Ch. Dimitriadis

2.   Applicatin of random walks in natural systems         

      K. Kosmidis        Supervisor: P. Argyrakis


3.   Structural characterization of novel thin film materials with microscopy techniques

      I. Tsiaousis        Supervisor: N. Frangis


4.   Processes in nanostructured inorganic and organic materials and nanomechanical properties

     S. Kasavetis        Supervisor: S. Logothetidis


5.  Correlation between structure and magnetism in novel low-dimensional magnetic materials           

     E. Papaioannou        Supervisor: N. Flevaris


6.  Processing of glass-ceramic materials and characterization with synchrotron radiation

     F. Pinakidou        Supervisor: E. C. Paloura


7.   Principles and software development for teaching of modern Physics subjects.      

      A. Chantzaridou        Supervisor: Ch. Polatoglou


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PhD Theses 2005

1.  Production and study of powder and thin film Li-containing transition metal oxides for applications in Li-batteries         

     G. Peretzis        Supervisor: L.Papadimitriou


2.   Study of thin film polycrystalline Si transistors with electrical and low frequency noise measurements for applications in microelectronics

      N. Chastas        Supervisor: C. Dimitriadis


3.   Application of IR and UV spectroscopic ellipsometry for the study of inorganic and organic nanostructured materials

     A. Laskarakis        Supervisor: S. Logothetidis


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PhD Theses 2004

1.  Study and analysis of electronic properties of composite materials

     V. Vargiamidis        Supervisor: H. Polatoglou


2.  Diffraction study through volume gratings of photorefractive materials

     E. Deliolanis        Supervisor:  Ε. Vanhidis


3.  Powder tmetallurgy for composite material fabrication

     P. Kavouras        Supervisor: Ph. Komninou


4.  Study and analysis of dynamic phenomena in surfaces

     G. Petsos        Supervisor: H. Polatoglou


5.  Extended Dislocations in semiconductor compounds

     J. Kioseoglou        Supervisor: Ph. Komninou



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