Department of Physics
Solid State Physics Division

BSc in Physics


The Solid State Division staff members are responsible for educational assignments in Physics Department and other Departments in AUTh. The Courses undertaken may be split in Lecture Courses and Laboratory Classes as follows:

Department of Physics

  1. Courses and Laboratories

  2. Specialized Courses

  3. General Elective Courses

Other Departments

  1. Courses outside Physics Department

Courses and Laboratories in Physics Department


1. General Physics Ι,  1st semester

2. Computing Laboratory Course,  1st semester

3. General Physics II,  2nd semester

4. Introductory Physics Laboratory,  2nd semester

5. Thermodynamics,  3rd semester

6. Optics,  4th semester

7. Physics Lab I-Optics, 5th, 6th  semester

8. Statistical Physics,   6th semester

9. Introduction to Solid State Physics,  6th semester

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Specialized Courses

Direction: Solid State Physics


1. Theoretical Solid State Physics, 7th semester

2. Introduction to Solid State Physics II, 7th semester


3. Semiconductor Physics, 7th semester

4. Group theory and Applications, 7th semester

5.  Quantum Optics-Lasers, 8th semester

6. Advanced Statistical Physics, 7th semester

7. Numerical Methods and Computational skills in SSPh, 7th semester

8. Experimental Techniques in Solid State Physics, 8th semester

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Direction: Physics of Technological Materials


1. Structural Properties of Materials, 7th semester

2. Growth of Materials, 7th semester


3. Physics of Metals,  7th semester

4. Magnetic Materials and Applications, 7th semester

5. Technology and Applications of Semiconductor Devices, 7th semester

6. Surface Physics and Applications, 8th semester

7. Optical Properties and Characterization of materials, 7th semester

8. Experimental Techniques of structural characterization of materials, 8th semester

9. Experimental Techniques for the study of electrical, magnetic, optical  characterization  of materials,  8th semester

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Direction: Computational Physics


1. Computational Statistical Physics, 7th semester

2. Programming Language C, 7th semester


3. Applications of Computational Physics Ι, 8th semester

4. Applications of Computational Physics II, 8th semester

5. Mathematical Programming-Operation Research, 8th semester

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General Elective Courses

1. Didactics in Physics I,   7th semester

2. Didactics in Physics II,  8th semester

3. Geometrical Optics,  6th semester

4. Modern Optics Subjects,  6th semester

5. Physics in Biological Sciences, 4th semester

6. Spectroscopic Methods of Study and Preservation of Cultural Heritage, 8th semester

7. Technology of Materials and Socio-economic environment, 6th semester

8. Metrology - Quality Systems, 8th semester

9. Educational technology - Modern Trends, 8th semester


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Courses in other departments in AUTh


1. Physics, Geology Department, 1st semester

2. Physics, Dentistry Departent, 1st semester

3. Physics, Agriculture Department, 1st semester

4. Physics, Veterinary Department, 1st semester

5. Physics, Pharmaceutics Department, 1st semester

6. Physics Ι, Chemistry Department, 1st semester

7. Physics ΙΙ, Chemistry Department, 2nd semester


8. Physics, Forestry Department, 1st semester

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